[Moderation] [Imc-uk-process] please unhide 502402 which does not contradict guidelines

freethepeeps at riseup.net freethepeeps at riseup.net
Tue Nov 6 18:43:29 GMT 2012

Tony Gosling wrote:
> What I'm pointing out is that there has been some systemic
> contra-guidelines hiding - and I am asking you to look at and consider
> that
> We discovered recently some form of automatic IP blocking - which was
> sorted out for the time being thanks -

We discovered no such thing. Your posts were hidden by anti-spam regex
> The reason I put this specific programme onto the UK National site was
> twofold
> Firstly as we are relating links between the mainstream corporate media
> - between 1928 and 2012 - and the military Psychological warfare
> establishment which would no doubt be of interest to your
> viewers/readers and is an important anti-fascist human rights issue the
> MSM do not discuss. Hence Indymedia is the place for this as it is the
> reason Indymedia was developed and set up in Seattle.
> Secondly we have winkled out a plot - there is no other word for it - to
> take ALL local authority owned public land and hand it over to business
> lobby to manage (see below). This exposee of the government's 'City
> Deal' is an explosive story which local campaigners round the country
> need to know about and I really cannot believe that you simply see this
> as some kind of unjustified advertising for our show.
> 'City Deals' offer eight British cities greater control over spending
> Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield
> and Manchester reach agreement with Whitehall over devolved powers
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jul/05/city-deals-eight-cities-greater-control
> The fact of the matter is our podcasts and info go offline after just a
> few weeks wheras your reduced down low bandwidth Indymedia mp3 is there
> permanently
> Please unhide the post

Why do you think you have the right to abuse us on this list and then
expect that we will jump when you do so?

You chose not to respond to 2 emails which sought to thrash this out:



Whilst you have taken the time in this email to make it clear why you
think the stories are relevant to the news-wire, you didn't bother to make
it clear in the actual post.

Radio4all already keeps your show permanently on the web, so it remains my
opinion that only those shows which are clearly in the spirit of the
news-wire should be up.

Perhaps you'd like to answer those emails now. Just as you're not making
any money out of your personal promotions, we're not here to be abused by



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