[Moderation] Seattle IMC policy is Post Moderation not Pre Moderation

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Sun Oct 7 09:36:38 BST 2012

Hi Tony

I take it that your non-response is a tacit agreement that your adverts
for the Tony Gosling Radio show breach the guidelines and should thus be



> Whilst we're quoting guidelines and policies, here's some for you Tony:
> "we acknowledge that the struggle for a better world takes many forms. The
> focus of the Indymedia UK collective is on grassroots politics, actions
> and campaigns"
> Can you explain how the advert for the Tony Gosling Radio Show meets this
> focus?
> "Through this system of 'Direct Media', Indymedia erodes the dividing line
> between reporters and reported, between active producers and passive
> audience: people are enabled to speak for themselves."
> https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/static/mission.html
> What does the Tony Gosling Radio show do to erode the "the dividing line
> between reporters and reported, between active producers and passive
> audience"
> I agree with MrD that your posts are  spam, and in my opinion they fall
> short of the advertising guideline:
> Advertising: posts with personal or product promotions.
> I therefore think that they should be post-moderated ;-) (unless of course
> you can show that they do somehow meet the ethos of the site.
> cheers
> ftp
>> Thanks MSDM
>> I was not aware that UK IMC had shifted from Post Moderation to Pre
>> Moderation.
>> That's actually a big move away from Seattle vision Intl Indymedia's key
>> policies of post moderated open publishing.
>> Have these filters been approved by the UK IMC collective? If so where &
>> whan?
>> That would answer (the non rant) legitimate question about official or
>> unofficial which I first put.
>> Do these filters work based on IP addresses?
>> Are these filters set to pick up any pattern in spam posts?
>> Have they been installed with any advice from trusted ISP such as
>> Greennet with lots of experience in this area?
>> Some possible suggestions:
>> 1. Use a captcha on the submission screen if these submissions are by
>> robots.
>> 2. Usernames and passwords based on email addresses (but approval is an
>> extra & easily abusable process to manage).
>> 3. If by paid shills then getting a more groovy collective of mods so
>> that spam gets hidden quicker seems to be the obvious solution
>> In any case surely a universally positive editorial quality control
>> change would be to have recorded, displayed only to mods, moderation
>> audit trail, with each moderator having their own sign-in so that if
>> passwords are stolen or hacked everyone can see which needs changing.
>> That would help destroy any suspicions that iffy, unaccountable,
>> decisions are being made, which can spread distrust & redce solidarity
>> in any collective.
>> Just to remind people IMC UK still has a Seattle style Post Moderation
>> editorial policy as set out here:
>> https://wiki.indymedia.org.uk/Editorial
>> "Indymedia UK IMC is an open-publishing platform for news, issues,
>> actions and analysis reporting on grassroots, non-corporate,
>> non-commercial social justice, environmental and political issues. IMC
>> UK is maintained by a network of media activists and groups. IMC stands
>> for Independent media centre.
>> IMC Mayday is dedicated to the open publishing ethos. This page explains
>> how content on the site is generated and how you can contribute.
>> IMC Mayday volunteers are moderating the site and collaborate in the
>> production of features. Contents on the newswire and calendar are
>> generated by anyone who wants to contribute. The open posting guidelines
>> below have been created to ensure the integrity of the site.
>> Occasionally we choose to hide postings offending the open posting
>> guidelines. Because of the 'real time' nature of the newswire, it is not
>> possible to monitor its contents 24 hours a day."
>> And as we move ever further into the super-rich attack on the poor, and
>> social unrest. Individuals' and local autonomous collectives' instant
>> access to the newswire is only likely to become more urgent. The long
>> term solution will be preventing spam arriving on the newswire in the
>> first place rather than
>> Yes lots of changes and suggestions all of which would take time and
>> expertise, if that's not available then the only solution would seem to
>> be that at 3 above ;-) ie more committed people and a greater sense of
>> collective mission.
>> And if you heard it I hope you enjoyed the Cook interview which serves
>> to remind us all just how massively the mainstream media have entirely
>> failed us.
>> --
>>   paralel at fastmail.fm
>> On Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 08:40 AM, MrDemeanour wrote:
>>> On 24/09/2012 00:51, paralel at fastmail.fm wrote:
>>> > This is the third time my posts have been instantly hidden literally
>>> > within seconds of being uploaded and I'd like to know if this is an
>>> > official or unofficial policy?
>>> Neither. Your post was hidden automatically, by a misconceived
>>> spam-filter. I've unhidden the post, and I'll try to identify and
>>> disable the filter.
>>> > It took me quite a while to track down infiltrator of the NF Roger
>>> > Cook who was smeared in 2000 by The News Of The World. So this is
>>> > what I get:
>>> ...the same treatment as anyone else. Please stop ranting here, and
>>> maybe consider assuming good faith.
>>> --
>>> MrD.
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